We are currently recruiting teachers who are native English speakers to teach our great kids in the New Hope International School for all grade levels.

Teachers receive a modest salary and live at Our Village in housing we provide.

For more information, contact John Tucker.

Surrounded by rice fields, cows strolling past your classroom window, geckos scuttling up the walls, and a hundred little voices shouting “teacha!” as you walk across the playground. These are just some of the many wonders of teaching and living at NHCC.

Your day will be a challenge of course, the heat will beat down, you will have to practice your patience as you learn to go with the flow as is typical in Khmer culture but all of this will be forgotten and forgiven when you see the smiles beaming on your students’ faces and experience hug number 22 of the day.

It truly is a unique experience where your class will become your kids, colleagues will become close friends and your little house will become home.

Charlotte D

Teacher, UK

I started teaching at NHCC in October 2014 and to say it was different from my ‘corporate’ company secretary job in London would be a massive understatement!

It was a learning curve for me as a fledgling teacher realizing what works in a classroom and what doesn’t. I had the ability to be very creative with lessons and class time. There were and are many challenges to teaching at NHCC, living and working on site, living in rural Cambodia, although for me the lovely walks through the rice fields was a wonderful way to unwind and relax, the array of ‘friendly’ house guests, frogs, spiders, cockroaches and numerous mosquitoes to name but a few!

Would I do it again? Absolutely, and I did, returning to complete a second year. Teaching at NHCC is not an easy ride but it is a rich, rewarding, challenging, at times frustrating, and also a lot of fun!

Deborah K.

Teacher, UK

If you care about making a difference in the lives of some amazing kids, they’ll become part of your life forever. If you want to meet some of the finest people you’ve ever known, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone, this place can feel like another home.

What I’ve put into NHCC has come back many times over. It has been a challenging and life-changing experience for me.

Paul V.

Teacher, USA

I do end of the year interviews with each of my students for Grade 5. It’s a chance to show them their work and talk about how far they’ve come since beginning the class. During the interview for Sakpeth this year – a student that never seemed to be too engaged, kept his distance from me, and sometimes fell asleep during math or social studies – he began to cry as I reviewed his portfolio and mentioned how his reading, spelling, and math had improved. I was taken aback and asked him what was wrong. He looked at me and said, ‘I don’t want to leave your class. I learned a lot.’

I was reminded, in that moment, that every student learns differently, responds differently, and expresses herself or himself differently. NHCC International School gives you those kind of moments on a daily basis – especially because we’re all living in the Village together. We get to be teacher, mentor, neighbor, and, eventually, friend. I assured Sakpeth he’d continue to do great work in Grade 6 and then I told him I’d be there to help him if he needed it. How lucky was I to be taught by this young man for a year.

Mike N.

Teacher, USA

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