As the NHCC children grow and become young adults, their support from NHCC continues.

New Hope Plus is an outreach program that provides a network of communication between our young adults, the friends they grew up with in Our Village, and the founders and directors of NHCC. This connection allows them to live their lives to the fullest while always knowing that they have someone there for them, should they need it. 

Life doesn’t always go as planned, so New Hope Plus continues to provide counseling and support to our young adults. New Hope Plus is there to support them should they need it. This includes ensuring that they have access to their life-saving antiretroviral HIV medications, offering transport costs to and from medical appointments when needed and providing emergency small grants for those experiencing temporary economic hardships. 

New Hope Plus holds reunions at Our Village. At these reunions, our young adults can reconnect with old friends and touch base with the directors of NHCC to maintain important relationships. Our reunion held on November 25th 2023 saw 77 of our young adults return to their childhood home, bringing with them their own partners and children.