Our Village is a residential facility for more than 45 orphans and abandoned children infected with HIV/AIDS. Their parents may have died from AIDS-related illnesses or are too sick to care for them.

Some who went to live with extended families after the deaths of their parents have subsequently been disowned when their HIV status became known. Other children have come from orphanages that do not have the capacity to care for HIV-infected children.

Situated on eight hectares (20 acres) of land in Kampong Speu province, Our Village is 33 kilometers outside of Phnom Penh. At Our Village, a child lives with ten other children in a house with two caregivers to foster the feeling of family living. Three houses form a cluster, each with its own kitchen and cook.

We have a nurse on site 5 days a week. Children get regular medical check-ups at a local hospital where they receive their antiretroviral medications (ARVs). These are the medications that suppress the HIV virus and prevent it from destroying the child’s immune system. The children also visit the dentist regularly.

At the height of the AIDS epidemic, Our Village provided safe and loving home to 240 orphans and abandoned children with HIV , offering them all a safe and loving  home, quality healthcare and an education. Today, thanks to the advancement of Cambodia’s healthcare infrastructure and the progression of HIV medications, we now house 50 children. 

Many of our children have aged out of high school and moved on to higher education and employment, while others have been successfully reunited with family members who have become better established to support them. We consider this a huge success and are proud to have been a part of their stories.

Education is an imperative part of breaking the poverty cycle and thriving as an adult. All of our children attend school daily at the local Khmer school, where they study all the way through to Grade 12.

The school covers a broad range of subjects and sees the children through all of their major exams, finishing with the Grade 12 National Exams, allowing them to open the door to higher education and better employment opportunities. 

Not only does attending the local school enhance future possibilities for our children, but it also allows them to build relationships with other children their own age and develop a network of friendships outside of Our Village – an important part of childhood development.

Our Village is proud to have one of the first children’s libraries in Cambodia, thanks to the generosity of our donors. The library has books in both Khmer and English suitable for all ages and education levels, allowing the children to continue growing their reading capabilities at home.

Sporting and recreational facilities include a soccer field, a basketball court, volleyball nets and a weights gym, all of which are used for free-time activities.

The greatest expense that NHCC faces at Our Village is food. Our cooks prepare 200 well-balanced meals every day (6000 meals per month) to feed the children, staff and volunteers and each month we use 1000 kilograms (2200 pounds) of rice. Fresh food is purchased daily from local markets, which allows us to support the agricultural and commercial ventures of our neighbors while providing our children with a healthy, nutritious diet.